Kelly Greig



Kelly started her 28 year aviation and engineering career in the RAF in 1995. On completion of trade training she worked at RAF Lyneham in Wiltshire where she worked 1st line on the C130 Hercules.

After returning to further training in 1998, Kelly was posted to RAF ST Athan in Wales in 1999 where she worked as part of a mobile structural repair team travelling around the UK and Germany repairing damage to Hawks, Harriers and Tornados. 

Moving to RAF Kinloss in Morayshire and a 1st line environment on Nimrod aircraft in mid-2002, Kelly stayed for three years before embarking on her first opportunity to work on fast jets at RAF Lossiemouth, carrying out in-depth servicings on Tornado GR4s. Then, in 2007, moving to the serving bays, where she worked on Tornado equipment such as fuel tanks, air to air refuelling nozzles, wheels, tyres and brakes and other associated aircraft assets. 

In 2012, Kelly left Scotland behind and located to nearby RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire where she returned to a 1st line, fast jet role on Typhoons initially and after spending some time training new incumbents, on promotion she moved into an office role working with background operations such as H+S and QA. 

Since leaving the RAF in 2018, Kelly has worked at RAF Waddington as part of a workshop based civilian structural repair team working on flying control systems.

Kelly’s last role prior to ASI was as an engineering support lead with a local engineering company, until commencing her post as an aircraft engineering lecturer with ASI in early 2023. 

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