Air and Space Institute Students Contribute to Torch of Commemoration at CWGC Event as Part of "Lighting their Legacy" Campaign to Mark D-Day 80th Anniversary

Published on June 6th, 2024

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As the nation prepared to mark the 80th Anniversary of D-Day this June, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission’s (CWGC) torch of commemoration made a significant appearance at Newark Cemetery on May 23, 2024. This event, part of the CWGC’s "Lighting their Legacy" campaign, aimed to engage younger generations and inspire them to uphold the memory and sacrifices of those who served in World War II. 

Air and Space Institute (ASI) Military and Defence pathway students proudly participated in this commemorative ceremony. Students Fred Ryans and Amber Scott represented ASI, taking part in the torch ceremony and upholding the ethos and standards of the Institute.  

Brain Mannion, Military and Defence Lecturer at the Air and Space Institute, said: “Our students' involvement symbolises the dedication of young people to the solemn duty of remembrance and the importance of carrying forward the legacy of the fallen. It truly underscores the critical role younger generations play in preserving our shared history." 

Mac MacDonald MBE, the CWGC’s local Public Engagement Coordinator, said: “D-Day is a national moment, and an opportunity for all generations to come together to commemorate and contemplate the sacrifices which underpin the freedoms we enjoy today. Let us not forget that many other nations fought alongside Britain, of course the Polish forces are the most numerable casualties at Newark. 

“Being involved in events such as this during my military career has given me lasting memories and I have always felt privileged to share those moments with the veterans. As their numbers decline, I believe it is vitally important we remember their incredible sense of duty at such a difficult time. Our schools, youth groups and cadets are the ones who will continue to remember the stories of those men and women who supported the war effort in the run up to D-Day, particularly those who paid the ultimate sacrifice 80 years ago.” 

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