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Published on July 7th, 2021

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When you join IASTI (Newark) this September, you’ll be among the very first students to gain aviation industry skills and knowledge through the International Air & Space Training Institute.

Right away, you’ll be on a pathway to gain level-three technical qualifications to become a pilot, flight dispatcher or aerospace engineer.

You could then use this to begin your career in the air and space sector, or you could even start working with our aerospace partners while your course is ongoing. When you graduate, you’ll also be able to carry on your studies with a choice of degree courses which will be available by the time you qualify.

So, if you join now for our September intake, what can you expect?

Three pathways to the sky

You can choose one of three courses; Pilot, Engineer, and Ground, with each course designed with our partners in the aerospace sector to help your career takeoff.


Our Pilot pathway will focus on the theoretical knowledge required for a career as a pilot in commercial or military aviation and work toward a Level 3 Diploma in Aviation Operations. This includes building broad knowledge of aviation such as airline and airport economics, health & safety, aviation geography and environmental impacts. You’ll also gain the theoretical knowledge you’ll need to gain a pilots’ licence with an understanding of air law, navigation, flight planning and meteorology.

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The Engineering pathway helps students develop practical hand-skills with specialist aircraft tooling and VR simulation. You’ll gain the required knowledge for qualifications to become an aircraft fitter or technician, and secure a Level 3 Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance. Students will also build their knowledge of aircraft engineering theory and undertake practical training in subjects such as the theory of flight, line and base aircraft engineering, mathematics and science for technicians, and the fundamentals of electronics and avionics systems, as well as procedures for maintenance and jet engine ground running.

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Ground Operations

Our Ground Operations pathway aims to give students the knowledge, experience and skills necessary for a career as an aircraft dispatcher in military and commercial aviation. Working towards a Level 3 Diploma in Aviation Operations, students will gain an understanding of aviation commercial operations, economics, safety, security and sustainability, as well as applied maths and physics. Students’ theoretical knowledge will be developed in subjects including aircraft dispatch, ramp handling, aircraft marshalling, airfield and flight operations, baggage processing and load planning.

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You can read more about each of these courses and what they offer on the Curriculum section of our website.

The IASTI (Newark) learning experience

Learning at IASTI (Newark) will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, no matter which pathway you choose.

Alongside your area of specialism, our students also benefit from a common curriculum to learn skills and gain competencies that will help secure jobs within the aviation sector. This includes aviation operations, aircraft manoeuvring, air law, security, applied aviation maths, aircraft inspection procedures and applied aviation physics.

We’ll also help you complete the National Citizenship Scheme (NCS) which can empower you with the confidence to achieve your dreams, no matter your background.

Learning at IASTI can be a great social experience too, helping you to get to know a new crowd of people who share your interest in aviation and aerospace while working with them to achieve your goals.

For our first and second years, you’ll be learning within specialised facilities in Newark town centre. Located beside Newark College, this environment will let you get hands-on with tools and technologies you’ll need to master in your chosen pathway as well as attending classes, workshops and seminars to learn face-to-face with your peers, aviation professionals and your expert tutors.

In 2023, we hope to open a brand new, purpose built multi-million pound learning environment just outside Newark town centre.

Of course, we know you’ll want to take to the skies as soon as you can, and so, at any point in your studies, one of our commercial partners may offer you the chance to work with them, enabling you to learn while you earn, gaining incredible real-world experience. Our industry supporters will also be looking to hire our graduates as apprentices, sponsored/tagged students or full-time employees.

Becoming one of the first students at IASTI (Newark) will be an incredible opportunity. Join us as we start our journey together.

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Our Year One courses

When you join IASTI (Newark) this September, you’ll be among the very first students to gain aviation industry skills and knowledge through the International Air & Space Training Institute. Here's what you can expect...

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