Airbus A318 Lands at the Air and Space Institute Newark

Published on October 9th, 2023

Airbus A318 Lands at the Air and Space Institute Newark
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An Airbus Jet made a 110-mile journey from the Cotswolds to its new home at the Air & Space Institute HQ in Newark over the weekend.  

In a momentous event that will undoubtedly go down in the town’s history, the ASI received delivery of an Airbus A318, supported by partner Air Salvage International, on Saturday. 

The jet will be the focal point of ASI’s world-class training facility – giving students and apprentices access to an unrivalled engineering, flight, groundcrew and cabin crew training environment. 

The journey began with the Airbus A318’s departure from Cotswold Airport - escorted by Police until it touched down at ASI. The arrival of the iconic A318 will redefine the landscape of aviation education in the heart of Newark. The plane - now a permanent fixture at ASI, is a landmark and an invaluable educational resource.   

Mark Locking, CEO and Principal of the Lincoln College Group said: “The striking arrival symbolises our commitment to providing students with unparalleled hands-on experiences and pathways to rewarding careers in aviation.   

“We are soaring to new heights of innovation and knowledge. ASI will offer immersive, hands-on experiences that are second to none and is poised to become a hub for nurturing the aviation leaders of tomorrow.”  

Councillor Matthew Spoors, Portfolio Holder for Sustainable Economic Development at Newark and Sherwood District Council, said: “This is another fantastic and visible milestone for the Air and Space Institute. Once in its new home, the plane will be awe-inspiring and eye-catching for students and passers-by alike.”  

The impact of ASI goes beyond the educational sphere. This exciting development will also have a tangible effect on the local community. It will provide employment opportunities and boost the local economy. Matthew Spoors continues: “When fully operational, the ASI will be home to over 200 students each year.  

“It will directly create almost 40 new jobs for the area and importantly will create many more over the coming generations to those wanting to embark on careers and pathways into better skilled, well-paid jobs in the civil and military aviation industries.”  

Tom Cartledge, Co-chair of the Newark Town Board, said: “There are not many places across the UK where students can get hands-on experience spending part of their learning on a real-life full-size Airbus.  

“I am delighted to see Higher and Further Education partners working together. The ASI really is creating a work-ready workforce able to meet the needs and challenges of employers.  

“It’s putting Newark on the map, along with other towns fund projects, and this is another exciting moment in the run-up to the opening. We need to continue to generate new creative and innovative education provision to create career pathways for future generations.”  

Ross Tarnowski, Assistant Principal at the Lincoln College Group, said: “At the Air and Space Institute, we are bridging the gap between classroom theory and real-world application. The Airbus A318’s presence on-site will give students the unique opportunity to work with an actual aircraft, enabling them to gain invaluable practical experience that will set them apart in their careers.  

“This project has come to fruition thanks to the teams working tirelessly to make it happen. Thank you to the team at Air Salvage for safe delivery from the Cotswolds to Newark, as well as G F Tomlinson and Ritchie Services for logistical support of the abnormal heavy delivery being installed safely into the hangar of the building.” 

“Another key partner, Flight Director Ltd, will transform the aircraft to be functional, enabling students to operate the Airbus as an A320 Neo - the latest aircraft flying around Europe and the world – reinforcing our commitment to providing cutting-edge technology in the learning environment.” 

Chris Flint, Managing Director of G F Tomlinson, said “This is a pivotal milestone for the Air and Space Institute, as we see the arrival of the full-size Airbus A318 at the Newark College site.  

The unique design and construction of the new facility have allowed us to accommodate the Airbus at this stage of the project. It has been a real privilege to be leading such a state-of-the-art educational establishment, working alongside the Lincoln College Group to deliver their aspirations for the scheme.  

We look forward to progressing the works through to a successful completion in December this year.”  

As we stand on the cusp of a future where the aviation industry continues to evolve and innovate - ASI Newark is primed to shape the next generation of aviation leaders. The delivery of the Airbus A318 is just the beginning of an exciting journey towards excellence in aviation education.   

In a world where the sky is not the limit but only the beginning, ASI is where dreams take flight. With the Airbus A318 now a part of its illustrious history, the ASI is set to become a symbol of inspiration, innovation, and endless possibilities. 

For any media enquires regarding the Airbus project please email: or call: 07415319549

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