Celebrating Impactful Partnerships at the Air & Space Institute (ASI)

Published on July 4th, 2024

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We are thrilled to announce that the Air & Space Institute has been recognised as 'Highly Commended' in the Impact through Partnerships category at the 2024 Pearson National Teaching Awards.

At ASI, we are dedicated to developing a curriculum that aligns with industry needs, and our team has been working tirelessly to deliver impactful education through enrichment activities, workshops, and visits with all our partners. The 'Impact through Partnerships' award recognises that collaborative partnerships extend their benefits beyond a single setting, enhancing the lives of children and staff through joint projects that prioritise responsibility over accountability.

ASI's Impactful Partnerships

Royal Air Force (RAF): Our partnership with the RAF has established a direct pipeline for students, offering joint training initiatives, access to state-of-the-art facilities, and guest lectures from RAF personnel. This real-world exposure fuels student passion and equips them with the skills and knowledge desired by leading employers.

Department for Transport (DfT): Through collaboration with the DfT, our students engage in research projects on sustainability and future transport innovations. This empowers them to shape the field they aspire to enter, fostering a sense of agency and impact. The Generation Aviation programme and aviation ambassadors support our students' understanding of the industry and various career pathways.

National Space Academy: Our partnership grants students exclusive access to astronaut training facilities and workshops. The Space to Learn careers conference features industry speakers, workshops, and activities that deepen students' knowledge and enthusiasm for space exploration.

East Midlands Airport (EMA): The EMA cadet programme provides invaluable work placements, immersing students in the operational aspects of the aviation industry. This practical experience translates classroom theory into real-world application, boosting employability and confidence.

Industrial Cadets: Partnering with the Industrial Cadets programme, supported by the RAF and Raytheon, our students gain a minimum of 50 hours of STEM-focused activities leading to a Gold level accreditation. This programme offers exclusive access to professional environments, mentorship from industry leaders, and exposure to cutting-edge technology.

National Citizen Service (NCS): Our bespoke NCS programme offers workshops and talks on diverse aerospace career paths. This outreach broadens students' horizons and attracts talented individuals from various backgrounds, fostering a more inclusive and dynamic learning environment. Additionally, students engage in social action projects supporting charity organisations.

Eagle Eye Innovations: This collaboration allows students to participate in cutting-edge drone technology projects, preparing them for careers at the forefront of innovation.

Quiet Tiger Aviation (QTA): Students gain first-hand experience with aircraft operation through real-life flights and flight simulators under the guidance of experienced QTA instructors. This practical learning experience solidifies theoretical knowledge and ignites a passion for aviation.

Airbus ACT for Academy: This maintenance training software introduces students to the latest Airbus aircraft technology and procedures, equipping them with the skills necessary for a career in the aviation industry. The interactive simulations cultivate critical thinking, decision-making, and real-world problem-solving abilities.

Impactful Enrichment Activities

These partnerships are integral to the ASI experience, fuelling a range of enrichment activities:

Simulator training sessions: Students experience the thrill of flight and hone their piloting skills in realistic simulations.

DfT ambassadors: Students benefit from interactions with important aviation ambassadors.

National Space Academy camps: Students participate in space mission simulations and practical activities that support theoretical understanding.

EMA airport cadet programmes: Students gain hands-on experience in aircraft maintenance, cargo handling, and passenger operations.

Industrial Cadets site visits: Students visit manufacturing facilities, research labs, and airports, witnessing the practical application of theoretical concepts.

NCS social action challenge: Students design innovative solutions to real-world problems while supporting charity organisations.

Eagle Eye drone projects: Students test drones for various applications, exploring the boundaries of this technology.

QTA flights: Real-world flight experience provided by Quiet Tiger gives graduates a competitive edge in the job market.

Airbus ACT for Academy: Graduates are highly valued by major airlines and MRO organisations for their comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience.

ASI Alumni Success

Our first cohort graduated in June 2023, and we have since celebrated many success stories:

Emily Evans, a Level 3 Pilot student, is now a Cadet Search and Rescue Pilot at Bristow Group. She credits ASI's enriching courses and partnerships for her success.

Owen Hunt launched his career with the RAF as a Weapons Technician after being recognised as ASI's Top Student in 2023.

Krystian Skrzypczac, a Pilot student, secured a position as a dispatcher with Swissport at East Midlands Airport, benefitting from the practical experience gained during his studies.

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At ASI we strive shape the future of aerospace education through meaningful partnerships. Thank you to all our industry partners on making aviation education the place to be. Find our full list of partners here.

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